hiSHtory: Launching on HN and Reddit


See hiSHtory: Your shell history in context, synced, and queryable and hiSHtory: Cross-device Encrypted Syncing Design for the context. I recently started promoting hiSHtory in a few different forums to see whether this was just me scratching my own itch, or something useful for other people.

In order, I:

  1. Posted on HN which fizzled with no real attention.
  2. Posted on Product Hunt which also fizzled with no real attention.
  3. Posted on /r/golang which did surprisingly well! It hung out on the front page for a while and I got ~30 installs. Along with this, I got some feedback on hacky bits of my code (e.g. I hard coded sha256($32_byte_random_password) to add auth for some internal pages) which pushed me to improve things.
    • One really valuable thing I got out of this was that I discovered it is possible to override Control-R in shells to display a custom UI. This prompted me to add a TUI bound to Control-R, which is now one of my favorite features.
  4. Posted again on HN. This time it took off with 170 upvotes and a couple hundred installs. I got a lot of great feedback both in terms of feature suggestions and bugs. This also led to hiSHtory being posted in tldr.tech which drove even more users.

As of now, I’m at โ‰ˆ700 github stars, โ‰ˆ500 users, and โ‰ˆ1.5 million history entries processed. Onwards!