KBFS is great not only for storing and signing files, but also for hosting a signed mirror of a website. By default keybase.pub is configured to look for a index.html or a index.md. So to mirror your static website in KBFS, just copy it all over into a folder in your public directory. For example, my [blog](https://dworken.keybase.pub/blog/) and my [website](https://dworken.keybase.pub/website/index.html) are both mirrored in KBFS. To set this up with Nikola (which I use to host my blog), you just need to modify ```conf.py``` to set up the ```nikola deploy``` command. To do so: ``` DEPLOY_COMMANDS = { 'default': [ "nikola github_deploy", "nohup cp -a blog /keybase/public/dworken/ &", ] } ``` So now when I run nikola deploy it will automatically deploy to both Github Pages ([ddworken.github.io](https://ddworken.github.io)) and KBFS ([dworken.keybase.pub/blog](https://dworken.keybase.pub/blog/index.html)).